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A smarter basketball scoreboard

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For years, basketball fans have yelled loudly when an opposing player steps to the free-throw line. Scoreboards flash things like "MAKE SOME NOISE!!!" The problem is that players don't even flinch when there is constant loud noise. It would be much more distracting to be very quiet and then yell just as the player is about to shoot.

Scoreboards should show messages such as "Shhhhh. Please be silent until opposing players are juuussst about to shoot the ball. Then YELL! Thank you."

Or, maybe "Please be silent until opposing players are juuussst about to shoot the ball. Then make a fart noise."

shaker, Jan 27 2009


       Or a more offensive scoreboard...
"You're momma etc."

       {BTW, I never like opposing fans trying to put sportsmen off. What's the difference between shouting and shining a laserpen into someone's eyes?}
Jinbish, Jan 27 2009

       Be careful when trying this in the opponents home stadium. I got some VERY mean looks from a lot of people for successfully employing this strategy.   

       (BRIIIIIIICK!) is the proper thing to yell right at the time the player is lifting the ball up in his shooting motion.   

       My team (the visiting one) lost the game, though. In the scheme of things, that might have been good for my health, I'm not sure.
Zimmy, Jan 27 2009

       it happens at some places, where the students are smarter, like the Cameron Crazies at Duke. they just don't need the scoreboard to tell them!
bedroommuse, Jan 28 2009

       I've always though it bizzare that you're not allowed to make a sound at the tennis, whereas in all other sports it's encouraged.
simonj, Jan 28 2009


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