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Articulated backboards

Moving backboards make for interesting play
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Hydraulically-articulated backboards slowly move in a pre-programmed pattern throughout the game. The speed of this motion is very slow but still enough to be perceptible on a home television. Motion would be in three dimensions but the backboard would never be closer to the field of play than it is in the current, fixed location and it would never be further to the left/right than the sidelines. Its range of motion would be limited to 15 feet high (obviating dunking from time to time) and about 10 feet beyond the baseline. The field of play (including the 3-point lines) would remain the same. So from time to time, when the basket is near the corner of the court, a 3-point basket would be relatively easy and the defense would have to adjust for it. The motion also continues during free-throw tries.

Both backboards can be set to...

1. "Mirror mode" where each backboard is moving to the left or right (from the players' perspective) at the same time throughout the game, thereby ensuring fair opportunities for both sides. 2. "Random mode" where each backboard is following its own pattern.

Other possible rules... 1. Any basket made when the hoop is at its maximum height (15 feet, as measured by sensors) would count for 4 points. 2. Basket heights during successful dunks would be recorded via sensors. At the end of the game, the highest successful dunk would earn that team a 3 point bonus.

Gamma48, May 11 2009


       Add two fake baskets and play some thimblerig!
loonquawl, May 11 2009

       Like it. But I don't think you can be allocating bonus points after the game has finished. Players should know the proper score at any time.
skegger, May 11 2009

       We used to have one of these in our lecture theatre. If the lecturer had filled one, he could slide it up and write on the one underneath, to save having to erase what he'd written first.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2009

       Instead of rewarding a 3 point bonus at the end of the game, give the bonus (initially) to the first team to get a point, and transfer the bonus to the other team if/when the other team gets a higher dunk.   

       As cool as the idea is, I don't like it for economic reasons -- the average high school wouldn't be able to afford the setup...   

       Max, that's backboards, not blackboards :) And I don't think your professor would be happy with a blackboard that moved around on it's own, randomly :)
goldbb, May 11 2009

       //Max, that's backboards, not blackboard// Don't be ridiculous. What exactly would a Cambridge professor be doing playing basketball in the lecture theatre?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2009


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