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Abdominal Snowman

Yeti based exercise plan
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Sasquatch comes over to your house and makes you do crunches or you get eaten.
FlyingToaster, Oct 25 2009

Another member of the "wildlife + adrenaline" school of physical exercise Chased_20By_20A_20Leopard_20Commute
[FlyingToaster, Dec 01 2009]


       That's like confusing a Polar bear with a Grizzly.   


       ... poetic license.
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2009

       I tried the whole Sasquatch motivated long distance night run twice but I was too tired to leave the starting tent.
Crunches I might have been convinced to do.

theleopard, Oct 28 2009

       how is this not inspired by the SNL sketch of the same concept -the pun. spundit.
WcW, Oct 28 2009

       don't blame me - [UB]'s fault for spelling "abominable" like that. § x1
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2009


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