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Adrenal Gym

get pumped then get ripped!!!
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Everyone knows that having an adrenaline rush is like, well getting an adrenaline rush. Well just last night i was at a gas station and walking back to my car when this guy comes flying through the parking lot nearly missing me and slamming on his brakes, he stopped 2 feet away from me. Well, i yelled a couple vulgarities at him and he preceeded to flip the bird and yel back at me, then he waited for me to leave the station in my car and followed me for a godd 10 miles, riding my bumper.

Well, the whole point of this story was to explain how i got this idea. I was on my way to the gym when this ignoramus pulled his stunt, needless to say, I WAS PUMPED, i was ready to punch a hole through someone's face, and I worked out at least 3 times harder than normal and twice as long.

Well, i propose that all gym's provide a service to pump up your adrenaline before you start working out. They could have a simulation like getting hit by a car and yelling at the idiot, or having a member of the gym staff pull a gun on you and attempt to rape/beat you. This would provide sufficient energy for all those lazy people who go to the gym for about 10 minutes a week, plus you wouldn't have to pay so much for those illegal drugs. And, after your adrenaline starts running low, the staff could have some kind of bomb threat and take a "hostage" and violent beat them. This would definately get the blood pumping

3Le3t Gam3R, Jul 23 2006

wait wait.. don't tell me! May 27th, 2006 http://www.npr.org/...2006&view=storyview
See the "Bluff the Listener" round. [jutta, Jul 23 2006]

Wikipedia: 1337 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet
[jutta, Jul 23 2006]


       One of the rounds of the NPR news quiz "wait wait... don't tell me!" is called "Bluff the Listener". In it, a caller has to pick up one true story amidst two decoys made up by contestants. Your invention closely resembles one - and losely resembles another - of those stories presented on the subject of a "new exercise craze". See link.
jutta, Jul 23 2006

       You could take meth before you work out. I am sure that discreet inquiries around the gym will find you enthusiastic suppliers.
bungston, Jul 23 2006

       I don't believe Adrenaline is good for you (in excess amount)
audioiv, Jul 23 2006

       I would have to agree with [audioiv], adrenaline (or epinephrine as it is now called in scientific circles) probably isn't too good for you in high levels when regularly-induced.   

       P.S. Your use of the word "ignoramus" doesn't meet the agreed upon definition of the word.
Gallus, Jul 23 2006

       i applaud you for not actually using 1337 in your idea.   

       this might work, but i doubt that adrenaline would be enough if someone has started beating you. there are plenty of non-contact ways to raise someone's adrenaline level, and they would probably need to be changed frequently in order to prevent regulars from becoming accustomed to the approach.
tcarson, Jul 23 2006

bleh, Jul 23 2006

       [bleh] - its an original code-speak for hopelessly dedicated computer programmers and the wannabe hackers and pseudo-intellectuals attempting to immitate them.   

       Adrenaline is not good for you over an extended period of time or regular intervals. Epinepherine is highly regulated and its use in the medical field must be thoroughly documented and is used only in the most severe of life threatening ideas.   

       Its a good concept but I'm afraid the idea would have some counter productive effects on the body. That said, it would be a lot of fun trying to scare/enrage people into an adrenaline rush before each workout would be a lot of fun.   

       I Love 'Wait, wait...' except for when the host comes on and says 'Thaaank you Carl' in that same hyper self-conscious tone all of the time. Makes him sound like a '90's guy.'
RayfordSteele, Jul 27 2006

       [5 years late] - if the guy came in and "nearly missed" you - then that means he hit you.   

       That's hardly elite grammar, is it?
Custardguts, Mar 09 2011

       //Adrenaline is not good for you.// It makes your fingers turn black and fall off. Seriously.   

       Is Adrenaline Jim the full name of [madness]' loopy acquaintance?
mouseposture, Mar 09 2011


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