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Accordion-Canceling Headphones

Immunity to accordion music in our lifetimes
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We've had noise-canceling headphones for quite a while. Certainly we now have the technology to selectively cancel out certain types of sound---for example, accordion music.

Or maybe we could make an inconspicuous device that, when placed near someone playing an accordion, would generate an accordion-canceling sound, similar to the way that stealth helicopters muffle themselves by generating the opposite sound of a helicopter. (Whatever that may be---perhaps the sound of an accordion? If so, that'd greatly simplify things.)

Ander, Aug 04 2007

I know what you mean Sign_20Language_20Yodeling
and it may be easier than you think [lurch, Aug 05 2007]


       Perhaps it could also detect the presence of lederhosen.
Ander, Aug 04 2007

       //Probably kazoos too.//   

Jinbish, Aug 04 2007

       I'm sorry I have to fishbone this because I have just heard some very beautiful music by a band called 'Accordian Tribe' which is extremely moving and so wonderful.
xandram, Aug 04 2007

       I like the title, and I suppose the headphones could be smart enough to recognize particular types of music and turn on the noise canceling, allowing windows at certain frequencies so that speech could get through. Certainly this could work with kazoos, if not accordions.
ldischler, Aug 04 2007

       You do understand that is is only a matter of time before someone comes up with headphone canceling accordians ...
nuclear hobo, Aug 04 2007

       //Certainly we now have the technology to selectively cancel out certain types of sound// No we don't. Not by a long way.
wagster, Aug 04 2007


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