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Bubble Wrap – Pop and Smell

Popping bubble wrap is relaxing and stress relieving. Combine it with a smell, known for it's stress relieveing properties, which is released when popped and you have a product that delivers double the stress relief in one go.
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This idea rides on the back of the favourite past time activity of popping those bubble wrap bubbles and is also known for its stress relieving properties. Each bubble would contain a fragrant smell known for it stress relieving properties. Each time a bubble is popped the smell would be released and the combined action of popping bubbles and wafting in the fragrant smells would heighten the relief from stress gained from such an activity.
NumboJumbo, Sep 18 2007


       your subtitle is the product description. you're repeating yourself in the body of the post ,thus becoming redundant. again.   

       but stuff mine with lavender and cedarwood and you've got yourself a scented bun. +
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       givenchy, mmmm
po, Sep 18 2007

       your compleatly nuts! where do I get this stuff? ;)
F_R_O_G, Sep 19 2007

       Partially baked, I think.   

       Hopefully you know what I'm talking about when I say "bags of air" used for void sapce filler when shipping items UPS. These bags of air are blown and sealed on demand at the shipping department, usally towards the back, loading dock area. The machines are usally pretty annoying and threfore are placed close to the loading dock/common area/SMOKING area. If you ever pop and smell the air from these bags, occasionally they smell like stale ciggarette smoke! And because some people consider smoke relaxing, I guess that would work with your idea.
evilpenguin, Sep 19 2007

       Dear god. Am I not addicted enough already?!
Fishrat, Sep 19 2007

       Daggumit. I was halfway through typing up this exact idea. I guess that means it's good, right?
Erfunden, Feb 20 2009


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