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Instead of commercials - art!
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A very simple proposal: during every commercial break, instead of one of the commercials, a forty-second or minute-long art clip is shown. It could be simply a beautifully-shot landscape, a piece of music accompanied by visual art, or even a serialised bite-sized drama. It would give struggling artists a chance to make their work public, and they could audition with the network. Hopefully it would boost ratings with hippies and the like (though that could be a pipe dream) and so wouldn't need to be govt.-sponsored, but that might be necessary. Even so, it sounds like something the public and artists would enjoy.
bookends, May 14 2006

"Enchirito, mach burrito, product placement, with Taco Bell" http://en.wikipedia...Pow:_Enter_the_Fist
[normzone, May 14 2006]


       I was under the impression that the principal benefit of high ratings was that advertisers would be willing to pay more for their products to be shown.
hidden truths, May 14 2006

       Art and advertisign have long been closely tied, if only because most commercial artists still strive to follow fine art standards. More than a few 30 second ads are aesthetically pleasing enough to withstand museum scrutiny.
DrCurry, May 14 2006

       Two words: Kung Pow [link]
normzone, May 14 2006

       Doesn't MTV already do this?
jutta, May 15 2006


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