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Add sparklines to news stories

Give perspective so people don't think crime is increasing
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Despite the world being safer than it's ever been before, and increasing steadily in safety, people feel like it's getting ever more dangerous.

To combat this, I propose that all news reports, articles, etc., dealing with topics such as crimes and terrorism include a sparkline showing the incidence of the specific crime, of terrorist attacks, etc. over time. This will show anyone reading the article the actual trend.

notexactly, Dec 23 2015


       You are asking journalists to be scientific.   

       You realise, you are asking journalists to be scientific?
mitxela, Dec 23 2015

       Asking won't work. It will have to be enforced, by prolonged, brutal and abusive treatment - beatings, electric shocks, waterboarding ...   

       We volunteer to organise, staff and administer the State Bureau for Journalistic Accuracy.
8th of 7, Dec 23 2015

       Go for it 8th, I'd change the name to something more catchy, though, like the Ministry of Truth.
RayfordSteele, Dec 23 2015


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