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Addictive Floss

Floss you can't bear to stop using
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Add nicotine to floss. Many people will find it impossible to start their day without good, clean inter-dental spaces. Hopefully, lack of gingivitis will sort of balance out cancer in the long run. Also, this could be used as a quit-smoking aid...but then people would have to leave work to take floss breaks out in the parking lot, so i'm not sure that's any better. I know this is in the toothpaste section. I'm sorry. I couldn't do any better.
ookiemonster, Apr 16 2003


       Nah, coke impregnated floss.
FloridaManatee, Apr 16 2003

       Oh, goody, now we can all emulate our favorite baseball stars and get mouth cancer! And I suspect that swallowing the floss in order to feed the cravings would lead to more immediately disastrous medical compications.
DrCurry, Apr 16 2003

       I can't *believe* it's baked! I would really like this idea if nicotine weren't involved, but rather some addictive but harmelss alkaloid (which prolly doesn't exist). That way it wouldn't be abused, and people would be compelled to floss.   

       I'm thinking of this not as a quit-smoking device, but a flossing encourager. Croissant because I think there's potential here.
snarfyguy, Apr 16 2003

       Okay, what about caffeine?
ookiemonster, Apr 16 2003

       or whatever it is in tea that I am hankering for just now.   

       oh, is that caffeine too!
po, Apr 16 2003

       //Okay, what about caffeine?//   

       Then you only floss in the morning?
FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003

       //whatever it is in tea that I am hankering for just now.//   

       You could always use the tea-bag string when you're done.
FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003


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