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More Dental Floss Flavors

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Currently, the only flavors I've ever seen are various mints and cinnamons, and (very recently) cherry. New flavors would make flossing more enjoyable. Dental floss manufacturers could look to B&R, TCBY, and the contributors to the HalfBakery Bread idea for flavor ideas. I'll start by suggesting chocolate-flavored dental floss. Mmm.
nick_n_uit, Aug 15 2001


ping, Aug 15 2001

       Not orange though, as that tastes nasty with mint.
-alx, Aug 15 2001

The Military, Aug 16 2001

       I've been using grape for years. The same company also makes orange. Personally, I'd vote for cheesecake or banana. But, yes, there should be more flavors.
Susen, Aug 16 2001

angel, Aug 16 2001

       I'll bet kids would use it more if they had cool flavors--watermelon, kiwi, buttercream...
human411, Aug 17 2001

angel, Aug 17 2001

       Actually I ran this by my 14 year old daughter and she said, "Eeeew. Yuck!" Go figure... You still get MY vote though--banana.
human411, Aug 17 2001

       You get my vote. How 'bout vanilla? Or fruit punch!
Sparki, Sep 26 2001

       Zippyanna, cherry-flavor floss does exist. I've seen it. It's called WILD STRING, it's cyan colored, and it's presumably marketed to the young'uns.
Sparki, Sep 26 2001

       Big Mac.
lewisgirl, Sep 26 2001


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