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Chewing Floss

for healthy teeth and gums
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Each floss unit, made up of 2 long threads and 15 cross threads, resembles a tiny rope ladder. A unit can easily be pulled over and between your lower teeth to rest on your gums and another applied around the upper teeth. Tie the floss ends exiting from the corners of the mouth loosely behind the neck. Enjoy your meal.

Afterwards untie the ends and whip out the floss units. Take pleasure in flashing your glistening, clean smile as you leave the restaurant.

FarmerJohn, Jan 10 2005


       // Afterwards untie the ends and whip out the floss units. // But first, tell everyone at your table to duck!
phundug, Jan 10 2005

       Nice idea Farmer John. It reminds me of what the dental floss likes like after one of the cats finds it.
Aegir, Jan 11 2005

       Use the floss to clean your teeth with the help of acid:
Find a piece of greasy bacon rind.
Tie the floss to it.
Swallow the rind, while keeping the other end of the floss in your hand.
Afterwards, slowly pull up the bacon rind.

Works better with a hang-over.
Ling, Jan 11 2005

       Ling - you are seriously disturbed. Ha ha ha
energy guy, Jan 11 2005


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