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combine everyone's favourite dental habit with music of your choice
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Designed principally to make flossing more fun, Tone-o-Floss has micro indentations along it which fulfill the normal flossing functions, but also, when pulled between two teeth of your choice resonate out a tune.

"Err.. have you got any Britney floss ?"
<flossing>Heyyyy Molar, oooooh Molar, tell me molar what your gonna do.. build a house next door to you</flossing> etc.
neilp, Mar 28 2004


       Try this trick:
Strike a tuning fork. Stick it against your teeth to listen to it vibrate. Get back to me on the results.
Cedar Park, Mar 29 2004

       It's going to hurt [np]. Not sure I can face the agony.   

       <aside> happy birthday! </aside>
hazel, Mar 29 2004

       [cedarpark] mayhaps the vibration would also clean the teeth in a similar way to those sonic toothbrushes. Clean teeth, all to a perfect middle 440Hz "A"   

       [neilp] many Happy Returns, you ole git
jonthegeologist, Mar 29 2004

       You've been watching too much Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.
DrCurry, Mar 29 2004

       wut iz dis?
missingdonuts, Feb 22 2005


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