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Can't or dont want to sleep with your office girls? Why not swap them for some that you can!?
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Like most office workers, you probably have an abundance of young, silly (I'll stop short of stupid), pretty young things around. But if, like me, you don't want to get too friendly with them because of the potential problems that an office romance can bring, or if you're keen but they're stand-offish, what do you do?

Enter AdminGirlXchange.com, a website where young gents like yourself can register and meet guys in a similar situation. You register on the website with your approximate age, place of work and social scene. You then arrange a face-to-face with one of your cyber-comrades to get to know each others name and face, and to agree upon a time and place for the exchange to occur. And so, you arrange to go out for after-work drinks with some of the gals where you bump into your new-found friend, who just happens to have brought along some of his señoritas! Voila! You've just made an AdminGirlXChange !!!

Apache, Jul 29 2005


       If they sleep with you then you needn't stop short of stupid.
bristolz, Jul 29 2005

       so many girls, so little time, so few grey cells.
po, Jul 29 2005

       I think I'll just outbid you for me and hear how it was for you next week.
reensure, Jul 29 2005

       Maybe the admin-girls can set up a website to swap their chauvinist bosses.
pooduck, Jul 30 2005

       Why not just talk to a woman. Actually, you could listen, too.
gnomethang, Jul 30 2005

       [-] for the word "gents". Maybe it's just an English thing.
Fishrat, Aug 01 2005


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