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The leper colony

Confess your illness and find people who don't care
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This pandemic is sure to put a damper on the dating community. I propose a site for people who already have or have had COVID-19 to find romantic matches.
Voice, Mar 14 2020


       I can recall a lonely hearts advert that ran in San Francisco years ago that was worded "Herpes seeks herpet"
xenzag, Mar 14 2020

       There are plenty of other infectious diseases. Perhaps the matching could be done automatically, you send in a swab, the service analyses and lists your contagions, and matches you with other members who have the same list of pathogens.
pocmloc, Mar 14 2020

       // people who already have or have had COVID-19 //   

       If you wait six months, that will be "everyone".   

       Logical analysis indicates that the spread of the virus will be relentless.While some advanced nations implement public health measures, most of the rest of the planet has neither the resources, understanding or inclination to do anything. Infection will sweep through the population and be subsumed in the already high death rate. This will provide a vast reservoir of asymptomatic carriers who will mediate eventual retransmission to the unaffected populations.   

       Very few people will die; those that do will be in high-risk groups, as always.   

       "Knee-jerk" reactions by governments are only directed towards reducing the impact and cost on healthcare systems, and economic disruption. They won't have any effect on the final death toll, which will not be statistically significant.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2020

       By slowing the spread governments can help assure medical facilities aren't swamped all at once. More of those who need to be hospitalized can be, so the death rate will be lower.
Voice, Mar 14 2020

       But will it ? The only treatment is supportive, and the victims will be equally vulnerable to any number of other endemic infections - cold, flu and the like. In fact, being in hospital is probably more dangerous because of (a) the risk of hospital-aquired infections, and more seriously (b) the presence of doctors, who are very, very dangerous, and widely acknowledged as a major cause of preventable deaths.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2020

       // not statistically significant // Depends on the reinfection rate. Looks low so far.
sninctown, Mar 14 2020

       Never work. Just like weight and age, everyone will lie.
blissmiss, Mar 14 2020

       You are Greg House, M.D., and we claim our five dollars.
8th of 7, Mar 14 2020


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