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Find Your Twin On Line

A variation of the Facebook app
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This would be a little more involved than the Facebook version where you just put your picture in and it uses facial recognition software to find people with similar features.

It would have charts and graphs you'd carefully pick from to match skin tone and hair color. You'd input points on your face at specific locations and follow a detailed process to achieve the most accuracy. There would be a list of questions about ancestory, height, weight etc.

Then the hapless dupe would click "Find My Twin!" and the attached link would pop up.

Big laughs for all.

doctorremulac3, Sep 29 2011

Find Your Twin! http://www.horsefor...utts-bobos-butt.jpg
[doctorremulac3, Sep 29 2011]

Me_20And_20My_20Chicken it may turn out to be a chicken [xenzag, Oct 02 2011]

Doppelganger Search System Doppelganger_20Search_20System
There was a site linked from this called "Find My Twin" but it appears to no longer function. [tatterdemalion, Oct 02 2011]

twin strangers https://twinstrangers.net/
this does that per some article I read that is no longer open in a tab [aniola, Sep 04 2022]


       Oh, so not something to match you up with somebody who does exactly the same searches you do...   

       Nice horse, [dr].
normzone, Sep 29 2011

       I had this experience in a rather disturbing form recently; on a news site, I stumbled on the mug-shots of two men who'd perpetrated a hate crime of some description, and not only did one of them look a lot like me, but the other one looked a lot like the man I was working closely with at the time. Eerie.
pertinax, Oct 02 2011

       I think "Find my "online" twin's girlfriend" would be better, after all, all the hard work has already been done...
4whom, Oct 02 2011

       And, although it would be useless to us happily married folk*, I'm sure 'Find my girlfriend's twin online' would be wildly popular as well.   

       The Good Fairy Jenny is watching. Always watching...
Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       //Happily Married//? The 'bakery frowns apron oxymorons, as far as I can tell.
4whom, Oct 02 2011

       That rules you out, then.
Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       Yes it does, but I feinted right.
4whom, Oct 02 2011

       I had the weirdest time once passing through Medicine Hat Alberta. Everyone seemed to know me and thought I was joking when I explained that I wasn't this other person that they knew.   

       It was creepy. Ended up being a wild evening though.   

       I used to live in a city of about 45,000 people (big by Maine standards) and I had a 'twin' there. People were always mistaking us for one another. His name even started with the same letter as mine. He lived on the opposite side of town and we had a few mutual acquaintances, but somehow never managed to meet. For years, we both had long blonde hair, but then I cut mine and everyone who knew both of us started saying we looked nothing alike.   

       My point, if I have one (do I? Hmm... Yeah, we're cool here), is that a computer can't possibly be any worse at finding facial similarities than actual live human beings are. [+]
Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       There is big money for twins as subjects in biomedical research studies. And this is just what us solo-birthers need to get in on that cash pot.
swimswim, Oct 02 2011

       Or, wait. If this was meant to be "Find Your Twin In Line" then it is a sly method for sneaking into a movie theater on someone else's dime. (Ignoring the probability of finding a match in lines less than several km in length, that is.)
swimswim, Oct 02 2011

       So what happens when the usher says "hey, you look just like that other (individual) who went in earlier, only (he/she/it) was holding a ticket and you're not! Wa-aait a minute, this is the old 'find your twin in line to get into the movies for free' ploy, isn't it? Nice try (species/gender - appropriate slur), you have to pay, just like everyone else!"
Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       My computer blew up from overheating because of being unable to find anyone to match my iq of 2
Ah Supp, Oct 04 2011

       Oh come on now, the HB has a minimum IQ limit of 45. After all, it involves wires. Now don't go pretending to be all that dumb.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 06 2011

       I got in under the radar.
Ah Supp, Oct 06 2011

       Ladies and Gentleman, I present for your consideration: the Stealth Kiwi!
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       HA ha. Very good. I am a Pom actually, Bin' imprisoned here for forty four years as a white slave, ever since the Memsahib drugged and kidnapped me ...'Land of hope and glory.'..... 'Shuuut up'.
Ah Supp, Oct 07 2011

       I thought it was 'The Land of Sheep and Glory'.   

       As for being 'dragged' there, please inform your significant other that The Good Fairy Jenny and I are willing to be 'dragged' off to NZ any time she cares to come fetch us. I'm sure you have a pressing need for highly-skilled welders, yes?
Alterother, Oct 07 2011

       Uncle Sam. Needs. You!
Ah Supp, Oct 07 2011

       Sure he does. That's why I get so many job offers from the government.
Alterother, Oct 07 2011

       Any day now. That deer was working for the FSB.
mouseposture, Oct 07 2011


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