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Google earth app
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Adopt a forest or tree in remembrance or as a birthday present. The money goes to help reforestation as well as actually taking care of existing trees in the world.

Free membership - you get a tree somewhere in the world marked with your name, for 1 year.

Payed membership: Their are two types: View-Only or Involvement memberships:

For the view-only there are: single tree, orchard and thicket packages.

For the involvement there are: Ancient or Special single trees, Tree groups, and Forest.

Single tree: A closeup satellite image of your tree will be taken during the year, and supplied on google earth, and some simple research about the region, the plants around it and the specific tree will be given when clicking on it, as well as your name and a short message from you, to anyone looking at this tree.

Orchard / Thicket - A closeup panoramic side image of the area, and of each tree. Including an evaluation of tree's age, if possible.

Involvement: Same as view, but including an extra cost for taking care of the tree.

There will be potential trees to be checked for a price proposal on involvement. If you are a Viewing member, you can propose trees to be evaluated, or you can pay for an evaluation (50$)

This will also be considered Carbon Credits, but as opposed to Al Gore's company, the money really goes to doing something. And you know in advance exactly where to, because as you enter each dollar, you get a breakdown of who exactly gets the money and what for.

pashute, Nov 29 2012

like this? http://adopt.nature.org/
[xandram, Nov 29 2012]

Google trees - this idea's predecessor Google trees
[pashute, Nov 29 2012]


       Very much like xandram's link, but much more specific - for trees, which unlike wildlife can be seen on the map. So you'll be following an actual image of the location, and not just a "fact sheet and certificate".
pashute, Nov 29 2012


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