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Anti-Pollution Tree

A huge anti pollution tree
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One of the main pollution problems today, especially in big cities, are the huge amounts of CO2 that we produce. Basicly, every tree in the world helps to prevent that problem. My idea is, to geneticlly create huge, extremly fast growing trees, lets say 200-300 meters tall. A few of these trees, planted in a metropolin city, will convert huge amounts of CO2 to O2, eliminating smog, creating Oxygen, (maybe even grow fruits), and finally, somewhat reducing the global warming effect (if planted in a large number of cities).

The idea is with trees beacause of their high, unlike bamboo. And while were at geneticlly creating a monster tree, I think we can also make him a non polluting one.

And about waugsqueke's remark - well,i dosent seem like were going to stop soon. And part of the idea is that its focused inside the cities, to prevent smog for example. If we stop cutting down trees in south america, that wont change the situation in the big cities a few thousand kilometers away.

Icarus, Nov 06 2001

Or this http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sea_20Forests
[mrthingy, Nov 06 2001]


       Trees aren't the fastest growing plants anyway. Perhaps we could plant bamboo everywhere, or some kind of climber/creeper to cover all the buildings (super-ivy?).
pottedstu, Nov 06 2001

       Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Skyscrapers.
Guncrazy, Nov 06 2001

       Only some trees pollute enough to matter, like the Sycamore or Red Oak, but many have very low levels of biogenic VOC pollution and do much more good than not. Perhaps if Icarus were to breed giant Peach or Avocado trees . . .
bristolz, Nov 06 2001

       kudzu totems.
absterge, Nov 07 2001

       <radio> .....and commuters are being advised to avoid the A23 northbound at Brixton this morning where a large pear from the giant anti-pollution tree is blocking both lanes of the carriageway......</radio>
stupop, Nov 07 2001

       moss chia cities with cherry trees on top   

       sounds like an Earthship cool site
Evenessence, May 19 2004


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