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Adopt a 'Doley'

New welfare proposal...
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I propose that: The governments ongoing flailing around approach to the welfare state is missing a trick.

Description: Adopt a 'Doley' is an all encompassing scheme to reduce unemployment and tax in one fell swoop.

Process: Whereas the current system is complex and bureaucracy heavy, Adopt a Doley provides a more direct form of taxation. The idea revoves around tax payers adopting the unemployed on a short term basis, the doley then becomes the direct responsibility of the adopter.

The idea being that through direct confrontation the adopter has the expense of keeping another body (in place of the taxation.) In addtion, the incentive to play an active role in helping another community member find work. The Doley on the other hand must work for the adopter on strict terms, as well as actively seeking work in so doing paying their "keep" in kind.

A the clear benefits of this scheme make it an obvious choice for any struggling oposition party...

Your thoughts please...

oli-oli, Oct 11 2002


       Its like slavery, only cheaper.
[ sctld ], Oct 11 2002

       It is slavery.   

       What do you mean by "the doley then becomes the direct responsibility of the adopter."?
phoenix, Oct 11 2002

       "the Doley then becomes the direct resposibility of the adopter.." in essence means that the Doley moves in with and becomes a member of the adopters family... But have to work for their keep at the adopters discretion, as much or as little as the adopter decides. So the emphasis could be put directly into "GET A JOB AND GET OUT..." or a more indirect approach, which might be to work them so hard that it is in their interest to seek a way out...
oli-oli, Oct 12 2002

       Maybe you could adopt Bob Doley and then he could stop having to do those Viagra commercials. Not sure what you'd do with Elizabeth.
bristolz, Oct 12 2002

       I am happy to think that a good part of my offically earned income goes to support people who have better things to do than flip burgers. And I frankly don't care whether they seek paying work or not. Let them enjoy their lives.
rabbit, Oct 12 2002

       I can't imagine this would be conducive to social harmony.
calum, Oct 13 2002

       Double the minimum wage so people could afford to take minimum wage jobs.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 18 2006


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