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Anger Management / Ventriloquism class

Learn how to better voice that which you normally bury.
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One hand sets the phone down lightly on its resting place. The other hand, complete w/ puppet like head turns to look you in the eye.

You know what I would've said, don't you?

Yeah, zormy, but we can't do that can we?

What? (says zormy) gimme the phone (he picks it up w/ his mouth.) Bial!


Gu Go, Bial a bugg'n gumba gack. Eel het it right.

No, zormy, you dial it.

ptwa. Ok, you pushover. I'll dial it. .... beep beep boop beep ... burp

zormy, I think that was an area code for Utah.

Aargh! why do you have such short fingers?

Zimmy, May 14 2006


       + for silliness.
imaginality, May 14 2006


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