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Ads in numbers

Ad not Add numbers!
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Reading is hard. To use one example, a 2003 study in the US found that "21% to 23% of adult Americans were not 'able to locate information in text'"

The idea is to sell advertising inside numeric shapes, probably permanently, to the highest bidders. In this way, a man topping up his hummer at a petrol station can simply watch the rolling total until it shows "Pepsi, 2 Vodkas, and a Trojan", then pay with his colourful, sponsored money of course.

4and20, Dec 18 2016


       PVVT ?
popbottle, Dec 18 2016

       I was thinking this is some way to streamline online ads, so a big ad comes on the screen with 1 on it is for McDonalds, a 2 is the Vatican..
not_morrison_rm, Dec 18 2016

       evil. [+] innovative [+] evil. [-]
Voice, Mar 20 2022

       I would say, how about educate the people so they CAN "locate information in text"? Pandering to the (unfortunately dropping) low levels of education doesn't help. Otherwise, we'll end up with plants craving Brawndo.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 20 2022

       //not 'able to locate information in text'//   

       To be fair, some text doesn't convey much information.
pertinax, Mar 21 2022


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