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Advertising Mat

Mat that displays 2 different messages
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most every store has a rubber or plastic mat at the doorway to help prevent dirt and water from tracking in.

I propose a mat that has a profile of many rows of triangular prisms. Similar to those found on those cheap image changing novelty cups.

However this would be rubber, you would arrange it such that when you walk into the store a message displayed on one face of the mat would show, and another would show as you leave.

Could be used in houses too

metarinka, Sep 02 2011


       It should recognize who is coming and display an appropriate (or not) message.
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 03 2011

       "thanks for not stealing" "don't come back you cheap chav"   

       etc etc
metarinka, Sep 04 2011

       I thought of proposing an alternate version where the prisms are individual rows of a flat screen tv, such that you could display different messages coming and going, and have them alternate. Perhaps read what you bought via an RFID and suggest products or coupons. Only problem would be making a tv that's tread worthy and cheap
metarinka, Sep 04 2011

       I'd stick with the original (+ of course): if you've sensors you may as well go with velocity sensors and just have a solid unprismed mat that orients its display and content to the vector of whoever's closest to it.
FlyingToaster, Sep 04 2011

       Bun for the possibility of having the mat say "thank you, come again" as i leave
remzy, Feb 09 2013

       I don't think it would be conducive to traffic flow to have an interesting thing to look at on the floor of the exit. I can just see the exits of a supermarket getting blocked by this, especially if it were electronically enhanced.
Kansan101, Feb 09 2013


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