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Bitcoin-based discounts

Offer discounts for your products and services to those who pay with bitcoins, as a way to popularize virtual currency.
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Recently I saw the Bitcoin was slashdotted, and so I thought "What else we could do to popularize bitcoins?"

An idea is to offer discounts for your products and services for those who pay by bitcoins.

For example, a person comes to supermarket, and wants to buy food. Let the prices be written both in $ and in bitcoins, with a notice that you can buy bitcoins on-line at particular places. This would naturally motivate people to buy with bitcoins, because of cheaper prices... And every service provider, and producer can do so...

Inyuki, Mar 24 2011

Bitcoins http://www.bitcoins.org
[Inyuki, Mar 24 2011]


       If you used an H instead on an O this would be Bitchin-based discounts, which they would be if low enough, and also popular because many are well practiced at it..
bungston, Mar 25 2011

       There's a cost to shops taking cash payments, but a higher charge for virtual money, go look at credit card merchant fees for any kind of electronic transaction. Admittedly that's because of the low level of people actually handling electronic transactions and the more groups allowed to do this kind of work, the lower the fees would go.   

       On the other hand, if you just stamp out a load of bitcoins in, for example silver..errr...hang on..
not_morrison_rm, Mar 26 2011

       // Why do they want BitCoins over <enter your countries currency here>? //   

       Because if they need, they can always buy <enter your countries currency here> for the obtained BitCoins. However, the more people accept BitCoins for payments, the less they will need to do that, and that's why I don't accept payments in $ for certain of my services anymore. I ask for BitCoins instead, and point where people can get them. :)   

       P.S. The intrinsic value of something for someone is defined by its ability to move one closer to one's goal...
Inyuki, Mar 26 2011


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