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All the channels.
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Can I please just my tv recieve all the channels from all over the world, those other worldly shows would be miracaously translated into your local language. And Pay per channel!

I don't need / want to pay for the 12 community access channels I will in my entire existance watch maybe 5 minutes because I was channel surfing. Please tell me you would use / want / buy this service. This service would include many channels with varying themes, like: cartoon reruns; new cartoons; new anime; old anime and every other month offer of getting 5 random extra channels.

Per Channel cost would probably be $5 a month with a minimum of 10 channels to waive installation fee of $90

And a card that when you use it at that advertisers store seen on tv you get points and can earn a new channel every 3 months for a time of 3 months.

And Because you could personalize your channel selection chances are that Advertisers would scramble like hell hounds for Advertisemint slots, and you being the customer would be more likley to watch the things you like you will be more swooned by advertisers because it's the channel you paid for.

Finally to sweeten and sour it a bit. Channels w/o enough subscribers could be lost. Subscribers would have to face losing thier show and all other chanels price go down 1 cent. Or pay an extra dollar a month to keep it. Too many subcribers and the channel would be split the price split, and the content more exclusive to the subscribers wants / needs.

LightDemonCodeHunter, Dec 31 2004


       "miraculously translated into your local language". How?
david_scothern, Dec 31 2004

       sp: satellite.
contracts, Dec 31 2004

       Many of the usual themes running through here. Are you seeking television incarnate status or was it the other way around? If you want television to cater to you, would you mind telling television what your viewing preferences will be for the rest of your life? It will stop a few million television producers from jumping out of windows prematurely. Why do you have to watch so much TV? Is it diluted information, habit forming or what.   

       Clarity comes when listening to experienced disaster aid officials. The biggest problem is communication. Finding out who needs what emergency supplies. You are watching to fill a need. What is it?
mensmaximus, Dec 31 2004


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