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Advertising Post

device to deliver audio commercials at bus stops
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This is a device that , when it detects a person nearby, begins to play a series of advertisments from business in the neighborhood. It would be solar powered, and be easily updated via memory card.
senatorjam, Jun 06 2002


       I use my personal CD player to drown out noise from screaming kids, shite-spouting mobile phone users, drunken idiots etc etc. It is always useful.   

       I can only pray that I have it with me if ever I have to stand at one of these contraptions waiting for a bus.   

sild, Jun 06 2002

       I feel that, whilst the idea is not a bad one, the implications are. No hard feelings.
yamahito, Jun 06 2002

       They already have adverts on the TV, Phone, Videos, Web Pages, why spoil something as simple as using mass transport by throwing adverts at people.
[ sctld ], Jun 06 2002

       but why use such a *good* idea for advertisements? How about having it recite the bus schedule and give approx. times for the arrivals of the next four buses and where they are going....or have it play local weather and news....or something else that is actually useful to the riders (local radio staion playing?)   

       No fish/no croissant, b/c as yam said, it's a good idea but you've given it an *evil* purpose = neutral
runforrestrun, Jun 06 2002

       you could use it to pay you compliments. improve the morale of the work force. "my you are looking gorgeous today"
po, Jun 06 2002

       nice idea but anything that encourages advertising tends to get fishboned here.   

       I like runforrestrun's variation: why not have it give brief dramatic or humorous audio-plays or news summaries? It would know the bus schedule (in some cities, it could know the actual locations of the buses and estimated arrival times) so that it could end the presentation right before the bus arrived; you wouldn't want to make people choose between staying for the denoument/punchline and catching their bus.
wiml, Jun 06 2002

       Boned. You'd have to keep replacing speakers when they're destroyed by irritated people.
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002

       Guess I missed my 1'st HB anniversary by 13 days, I must say it has been a wonderful year,
senatorjam, Jun 19 2003

       Funny how time flies..I have been a baker for nearly 10 years now.
senatorjam, Nov 30 2011

       Nah, one is always* a baker; what happened to you 10 years ago that you found it out.   

       *always, since the creation of the universe, one is either a baker or not a baker. It's like Calvinism, only without the total depravity.
mouseposture, Nov 30 2011


       a) happy anniversary !!!
b) bone.
FlyingToaster, Nov 30 2011

       I'm glad this idea hasn't been baked yet, but I do see it in our future. Buy your earplugs now before the price of earplugs skyrockets in response to these things!
phundug, Dec 02 2011


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