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Cookie Pause Jingle

Advertising Jingle for dog treats
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It's a bright sunny morning at the park.

Dogs, puppies and their devoted owners gambol about in the golden sunshine barking and laughing while throwing and catching frisbees and tumbling together on the emerald green lawns.

The camera zooms in to a particular poochie - an irresistibly cute hound who has just returned to its owner panting from the exertion of repeatedly fetching it's squeaky toy.

The dog raises its paw and places it on its owner's knee, whereupon the owner takes out a little package of paw-print shaped cookies - camera zooms in to show exquisitely moulded shape - and then the jingle chimes in: "Pause for a cookie....Cookie Paws!" .

Dog delightment all round. [Except for the cookie, which might(or might not) end up in paw shape by the end of the commercial]

Edie, Apr 30 2024

Paw Shaped Dog Biscuits https://neighborhoo...d-dog-biscuits-10lb
[a1, Apr 30 2024]

These aren't made of pumpkins https://www.lowerin...ast-at-pumpkin.html
And them dog biscuits aren't made of paws [a1, Apr 30 2024]

Paws to consider https://web.extensi...ps%20in%20stopping.
[a1, Apr 30 2024]


       Is this cookie in the shape of a paw-print, or in the shape of a paw? The latter would be rather like you eating food that had been made to resemble a hand - i.e. slightly weird (and reminiscent of Jan Švankmajer's 1992 film "Food")
hippo, Apr 30 2024

       Stupid enough to be acceptable. Approved! +
xenzag, Apr 30 2024

       Paw-print shaped dog biscuits exist, but the advertising jingle is silly enough to be here.
a1, Apr 30 2024

       [a1] I note that the shop you've linked to is also confused by the difference between 'paw-shaped' and 'pawprint-shaped'. I think we should launch a class-action lawsuit against them and retire on our inevitable winnings.
hippo, Apr 30 2024

       [hippo] Wouldn't that be like suing Hershey's because their Halloween theme candies didn't really look like the their adverts and package illustrations?   

       We could sue for the general crappiness of the product (Hershey calls that chocolate?!?) but creative marketing gets a pass.
a1, Apr 30 2024

       [a1] No, this isn't 'creative marketing'; they advertise "paw shaped biscuits" but the picture clearly shows pawprint-shaped biscuits; they've made an egregious and blatant attempt to mislead the innocent dog-biscuit-buying public. A pawprint is the very antithesis of a paw.
hippo, Apr 30 2024

       It depends how the metacarpal and digital pads are formed on the biscuit. If convex I'd say the biscuits are paw-shaped; if concave, they're pawprint shaped.   

       Consider a coyote chasing a roadrunner and goes off the edge of a cliff ... is the hole he leaves in the desert floor below "coyote-shaped" or "coyote-print shaped"?
a1, Apr 30 2024

       //is the hole he leaves in the desert floor below "coyote-shaped" or "coyote-print shaped"?// - not a valid comparison; holes are two-dimensional (so the 2D shapes created by projections of a ‘thing’ or its ‘print’ would be identical) whereas paws and paw prints are three-dimensional
hippo, Apr 30 2024

       You've added a hole new dimension to this idea. My fault I suppose, for describing an impact mark as a hole.   

       If the coyote punches all the way through the earth and comes out at the antipodes - that's topologically different than if he hits the ground and makes an indentation he can lift himself out of. I believe Looney Toons canon includes examples of both scenarios, but the latter (an indent, not a tunnel or hole) is more common.   

       Sorry if I was unclear. I can ratchet up the pedantry if you want. Or even if you don't.
a1, Apr 30 2024

       I suppose if the woman who tried to dry her small dog in a microwave (with disastrous results) could sue the manufacturer for not stating in the manual that that would be ruinous to her pooches livelihood, and she won the case, then anything's possible in court. Hopefully the Cookie Paws Industrial Conglomerate International will pay out big time, because if it turns out it's just a little home industry producing these paw little cookie prints, you might be wasting your time. Not to mention the cost of canine-friendly attorneys....
Edie, Apr 30 2024


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