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Combine poscasting and low-power FM
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My idea is to bring content to the world of low-power FM. It's already legal to broadcast FM radio below certain power levels - low-power FM or LPFM. It's also legal to use Wi-fi to establish a mesh network. Further, it's "encoraged" by the market powers to get wireless high-bandwidth technologies like EV-DO and EDGE.

So why not put it all together?

How about using a "Master Unit" with EV-DO or EDGE capabilities to act as the seed for a Wi-Fi mesh network in which each node would broadcast the currect Podcast at the configured frequency? Sounds a lot like a legal, programmable radio network without the legal hassles.

Uses would include festivals, fairs and multi-day concerts. How about using embedded PC tech to get the cost so low you could cover a three mile section of the cost in St. Padre, Daytona or the Jersey shore? You get now get low cost distribution and FREE content in a format, FM radio, that everyone can access... now all you need is a business model ;-)

bengtson, Dec 14 2005



       I'm not asking you to use a new device, just a regular radio, tuned to the fequency advertised on the beach billboards... you don't need a new cell phone.
bengtson, Dec 14 2005

       Hmph. Nobody _likes_ doing that... Hey, I could have been a millionaire! Cool!   

       Hey, I could have been a millionaire...
moomintroll, Dec 15 2005


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