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Or aleatoric advertising
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Most of what bothers me about ads is hearing them over again. That and if they are not very creative. A type of ad that would solve both problems would be 15 second audio commercial featuring a randomly generated arrangement of 30 words that are carefully chosen to be related to the advertised product and so that the result of randomly mixing the words would be as consistently meaningful as possible.

Let me try here:

Coke is a great drink with lots of bubbly goodness and effervescent ly awesome awesemnity when you put it in a tall glass with ice cubes and fizzy frothy clear crisp thirst quenching splashing yumnity.

Bubbly glass goodness put ice in a splashing frothy drink with goodness and great awesemnity and crisp thirst quenching yumnity and effervescently fizzy you cubes.

Ok I am missing some words there and the result may not be that good but the point would be to choose the words so that they could be randomly mixed in a lot of ways, and then mix them and choose the best ones, or just always play a different one so that the listening experience became more creative.

JesusHChrist, Nov 20 2013


       Excellent! I can hardly wait for the emetics ads... [+]
Grogster, Nov 20 2013

       You are basically saying that the company doing the advertising either doesn't need a "slogan", or it should be changed far more often than is usually done.
Vernon, Nov 20 2013

       Well, it might get you into squirrely legal territory over the definitions of words like "slogan" and "authorship".
JesusHChrist, Nov 20 2013

       Although your samples are a little on the silly side, I do like the idea of an advertisement which isn't a mere static recording, but rather some sort of algorithm which generates the message and audio.
goldbb, Nov 21 2013


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