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voice-mail advertising

Sell ad space on your voice mail
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When someone calls and you dont pick up, they have to sit through a 30-60 second advertisement, which reduces your phone bill.
ironfroggy, Mar 11 2003


       This would also help cut down on all those annoying messages that people leave on your voicemail.
pottedstu, Mar 11 2003

       Why would they bother to sit through advertising when they could just curse you and (maybe) try later? On the other hand, ideas like this have a certain inevitability to them.
snarfyguy, Mar 11 2003

       yes it is inevitable to happen. but do you want it to be forced on you or given as an option to lower your bill?
ironfroggy, Mar 11 2003

       Um, I guess "forced on me" is the default, so I'll take that. I wouldn't volunteer to have callers consider me evil or stupid in order to save a few bucks.   

       I'll try to keep a little self-respect until it is all taken away from me by Satanic media conglomerates.
snarfyguy, Mar 11 2003

       Of course, ironfroggy's idea is that by agreeing to have this eartorture on your voicemail, your phone company would discount your service. But that's not really how it would reduce your phone bill...   

       THAT would happen because you would no longer have any friends, colleagues or customers.
land, Sep 08 2005

       That seems mostly illogical unless you intentionally ignore phone calls from friends, colleagues or customers.   

       I would say this would be quite the opposite of inevitable as nobody would sit through this and it would do the advertisers no good.
hidden truths, Sep 08 2005

       HiddenTruths: Perhaps I was not clear; one's friends, colleagues and customers would simply give up on you for having abused them so.
land, Sep 09 2005


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