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Air Bed

Use Air to Support your Body
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First theres a giant pipe that leads to a building about .5 miles from your house. Theres a giant turbo fan there that blows the most massive amount of air into the pipe. As the pipe nears your house it contracts until its got a diamter of about 8 ft. The pipe comes up through your basement floor. There is a safety netting strung over the open pipe. You attach a safety harness to you before you go to bed that only lets you go so high/low. Then you flip a switch and the air starts coming through, and since the fan is so from your house far, theres less noise. And you're sleeping on air!
gregkerry, May 08 2002

Tracking Chamber http://web.archive....s/vegas/vegas2.html
I've done this and it is fun. A lot of fun. Doubt you could sleep in the slipstream because it's exhausting to stay in the center of lift. If you don't, as you approach the edges, you fall, and get hurt. [bristolz, May 08 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I like a good sleeping breeze, and the somewhat precise figures (i.e. .5 miles, 8 ft, etc.) obviously demonstrate you've done the necessary homework on this before posting it (unlike some other less reputable bakers). However, I do think you might be underestimating the ferociousness of a wind required to keep you afloat (unless you suffer from feathers). I'm afraid it would blow the living snot right out of you; sort of like sleeping in a tornado.
spartanica, May 08 2002

       Baked, but not for sleeping (link).
bristolz, May 08 2002

       I'll bet it's the last time you wet the bed
thumbwax, May 08 2002

       um, there's a rather obvious double-entendre joke waiting to be made here, but I'm not going to be the one.
beauxeault, May 08 2002

       This would be effectively the same experience that a skydiver has upon reaching terminal velocity in freefall. From the accounts I have read, the noise of the air rushing past at ~130 miles per hour (is that the right figure for terminal velocity?) is deafening. No, I don't think you'll be getting a good night's sleep.
BigBrother, May 08 2002

       Earplugs for those that need 'em and a nice misting nozzle to spray you with rehydrating fluid. Problem solved. What could be more comfortable than that?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 17 2006


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