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Workshop bed

To sleep where the projects lay.
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Up above the overhead gantry is mounted another smaller overhead crane which can support half a ton. At night, when the main crane is moved to its resting postion, the second crane is activated and a bed is lowered to you desired sleeping height. A pnuematic hose is pulled from quick furl reel and connected to the shops system. An extension cord, with a smaller similar reel system, is also plugged in.

The bed once, charged with air and current, inflates it's sleeping cells and moderates their temperature and pressure to your perfect, delta inducing, sleep. Lighting and audio system are for maximum sleep activation but can also be used for reading technical specs and getting energised for the day. A bedside pnuematic connector comes standard.

A special lighting effect can be set up, for the more OCD of us, where the lights play on the tool board to count off the tools. Of course any missing ones will be out on the shop floor with their prospective work and can be mentally ticked off. Piece of mind can then be obtained and sleep can ensue.

Disclaimer: The workshop bed has to be used sparingly or home life will suffer. Results can vary with enviromental sounds, smells and 24hr use of the premises.

wjt, Aug 20 2016

soldering copper pipe... http://homedistiller.org/forum/
Yes, but what did you expect ? [normzone, Aug 21 2016]

why stop at just the plumbing? http://freshome.com...-furniture-and-art/
Definitely a way to sharpen your flame skills [wjt, Aug 24 2016]


       We all know your friend just wants to play with fire. And you know what? That's okay. There are ten thousand worse hobbies.
Voice, Aug 21 2016

       [Ian], the people at the link know how to solder.
normzone, Aug 21 2016

       [Ian] Art can also be puzzles.
wjt, Aug 24 2016

       Poly-pipe is not very exciting, but it is very very easy to install, and the bits are less expensive. It also comes in handy 15mm and 22mm gagues, and integrates fairly easily with existing copper installations. The other alternative is to use the pre-soldered/fluxed pipe-joints that you slip on and then blow-torch to enwelden them in place - though I've found these prone to leakage. And the other alternative is to use the non-solder copper fittings that make use of a deformable copper sleeve that ensures a water-tight fit, and only requires wrenchilation in order to apply, no solder required.   

       Regards the workshop bed - it's an idea I can get behind, though would suggest marketing as a "shed bed" in the UK so as to appeal to the shed demographic.
zen_tom, Aug 24 2016

       To sleep, perchance to dream in my workshop.
popbottle, Aug 26 2016


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