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Dense Liquid Bed

Sleep in a pool of dense liquid
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Not like a water bed. No plastic cover/bag. Just a pool of high density fluid. Something like mercury, but non-toxic. Not wet. You just float on the surface. It would feel like when you stick your hand into a plastic bag and then into a bucket of water. Only more pressure. More bouyant. If it had a skin tension and properties like mercury, you could use a pillow and blankets on it, and they wouldn't get wet. Super comfort.
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 24 2005

Pitch http://www.physics....rop/pitchdrop.shtml
[Worldgineer, Oct 24 2005]

Krytox http://www.dupont.c...general_information
This might be what you're looking for - it's liquid, dense, non-toxic and inert [kinemojo, Mar 15 2006]

Galinstan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galinstan
Something like mercury, but non-toxic [spidermother, Mar 13 2009]

Variable Viscosity Waterbed Varying_20Viscosity_20Water_20Bed_2e
[knowtion, Apr 22 2009]


       Dare I suggest custard?
"You kids quit jumping on the bed, you'll break your ankles."

       You have a formula for this magic dense liquid that doesn't wet you? I think you should stick to wrapping it in plastic.
DrCurry, Oct 24 2005

       Corn Huskers lotion.
bristolz, Oct 24 2005

       <scientifically inaccurate>Glass</si>
Worldgineer, Oct 24 2005

       "Dense liquid" usually gets a better response around here when called "custard".   

       There are some metal alloys (typically some blend of tin, indium and gallium) which melt at temperatures below body temperature, but these are pretty expensive.
Also, what happens if you like to sleep on your stomach? Do you get a lungful of liquid metal?
Would this still work for you if it were a contained dense liquid, similar to a waterbed (i.e. WITH a membrane seperating you from the fluid)?
Freefall, Oct 24 2005

       A sand bed with adjustable liquefaction generator?
Adze, Oct 25 2005

       Sorry I was late for work - my bed was set to "quicksand".
Worldgineer, Oct 25 2005

       I was reading about that Krytox material from Dupont. I'd love to see a sample of it. Does anyone know what it would look and feel like?
eupoth, Jan 05 2007

       I don't know about a bed of chemicals... I think I'd rather sleep in a bed of jello!! :)
flynn, Jan 06 2007

       Krytox is barely 2 times as dense as water, while Galinstan (6.4x dense) seemingly has no good surface tension, and would wet you. But should there ever be an applicable compound, i'd buy the bed.
loonquawl, Apr 22 2009

       I don't see the purpose of not having a bag or the idea of a heavy fluid. I loved my old water bed and would still have it if not for my wife, but the advantage is the neutral buoyancy provided by the water. A bed of Mercury would be like sleeping on a bed of concrete.
MisterQED, Apr 22 2009

       A variable viscosity bed was put up on here that was much better of an idea. No offence, this is ok. Actually its really not thought out at all.... hmm.   

       Anyways, Ionic liquids would probably be the way to go, to avoid toxicity problems.
daseva, Apr 22 2009

       A bed of individual tiny polystyrene balls ' painted with ions'# . Although, polystyrene fluff is a pain to collect up. With a fluid, a vigorous dream might end up with you painting your bedroom.   

       #from daseva
wjt, Apr 22 2009

       Something like a Fluorinert (a flourocarbon oil) might do nicely. Dense, non-wetting and also non-toxic.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       If you roll over you might suffocate. Although if it were an oxygenated fluorocarbon oil you might just carry breathing the fluorocarbon and all would be well.
bungston, Apr 22 2009

       Bung, do you suffocate on a regular bed from inadvertently lying face down? I'm pretty sure your reflexes would keep you safe even whilst asleep, if the liquid were dense enough to keep you nicely afloat.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       You are right - I am sure after one lungful of the stuff I would wake up choking and screaming. My reflexes are very keen that way.
bungston, Apr 22 2009

       Link added
knowtion, Apr 22 2009


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