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Maglev Bed

Computer-controlled magnetic levitation mattress
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The idea here is that a mattress, loaded at the corners with strong magnets, levitates above 4 posts (possibly a center post as well, depending on technological need) loaded with strong electromagnets. These corner posts would also have guide magnets in the corners to center the bed so as to not have the mattress slide it off of the magnets and fall during sleep. A central computer, connected either via cables or a wireless technology, controls the strength of the electromagnets when someone gets on the bed, rolls over, joins another person on the bed, etc. This computer could also be programmed to move the bed back and forth a la massage chairs. Not only could such a bed help people who find they sleep much more easily on long trips (the computer could be programmed to a person's desired sleeping characteristics), but it would also prevent the possibility of a scorpion or other nasty animal crawling in your bed, as it would have no place to crawl on your mattress. An EMR shield or grounding strap could be provided for those concerned about getting sick from the electromagnetic radiation.
aponbass, Sep 29 2003

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       excuse me, where is this bed going?
po, Sep 29 2003

       Sounds like it would sag in the middle.   

       My Sleep Number bed does a fine job of adjusting to my desired sleeping characteristics.   

       I seem to sleep very well on long trips, as long as I'm the one driving.
half, Sep 29 2003

       I'd prefer perhaps a 200 x 400 matrix of magnets. You could then control pressure throught the bed, and the massage feature would be greatly enhanced.
Worldgineer, Sep 29 2003

       As long as it's well-shielded (think of the home computer equipment in many bedrooms, &c.), I like it. Power consumption would be an issue; ideal such bed is sun-run, perhaps with some thermally insulated superconducting circuits?...
n-pearson, Sep 29 2003

       I think this is a good thing going here.   

       half: If it has the center post it wouldn't sag in the middle... though you do have a point, the mattress would have to have a stiff frame around it to keep from falling in the middle.   

       I like Worldgineer's matrix idea, but you can't shove things under the bed if it's on a matrix unless the matrix is basically just the mattress pad. That idea's already been discussed (see hippo's "Electomagnetic Mattress").   

       Maybe we could put the bed on a track and send people while they sleep to other parts of the world... like sleeper cabs on a train but much more dangerous :)
adamsmith, Sep 29 2003

       <small print>Not recommended for patients with metal plates in their head or veterans with shrapnel wounds.</small print>
krelnik, Sep 29 2003

       It would be quite startling during a power outage.
waugsqueke, Sep 29 2003

       I bet that's fixable with a UPS and a voltage controlled program that would slowly lower the bed to rest position in case of a power failure.   

       Perhaps we could consult Alex Chiu on the magnetic properties so this bed could also give us eternal life!
adamsmith, Sep 29 2003

       Can you imagine how much power this thing would eat up during sex?! All those power surges to keep the bed level...it would make threesomes with nympho Swedish massage therapists economically unfeasible. And THAT is something we can't allow!
gieckboy, Sep 29 2003

       when will people learn that a hammock is the answer to all your problems ? plus you wouldn't get that constant humming from the power converters and what not
slapdash loser, Sep 29 2003

       [half], I had thought about buying one of those. What's your opinion of the quality?
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2003

       The construction seems to be of good quality and is waranteed well.   

       My wife regularly complained of back pain in the morning until we got this bed. It seems to have resolved her issues. I have had back problems for many years (2 herniated disks among the maladies) and I haven't noticed any difference.   

       Not a ringing endorsement, I guess, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that it won't break down and develop indentations that match the shape of the sleepers. My wife referred to the old bed as having a "butt hole" in it. At least that's what she says she was referring to as she walked past the bed and mentioned that before I got up one morning.   

       Oh, and check QVC. Ours was much cheaper than the one that a friend bought at the store around the same time. <end consumer advice>
half, Sep 29 2003

       // would also prevent the possibility of a scorpion or other nasty animal crawling in your bed //   

       Unless it fell from the ceiling.
Detly, Sep 29 2003

       lovely idea. Except for those with pacemakers. That said, they too will get a lovely sleep, but sadly will not wake up in the morning. Good lord, that was a little bit [deathninja]-esque
jonthegeologist, Sep 30 2003

       Or maybe some kind of pajamas with special nanofiber magnetic threads for sleeping on an oppositely charged platform of some kind. There would be no bed or mattress actually involved, and once the kinks were worked out (pun intended), it would probably be the most comfortorable nights sleep ever.
thatguy, Mar 03 2005

       Alternately, a matress built from crude utility fog prototypes could drive production and development of consumer nanotech, of the Drexlerian style.
Chrontius, Mar 03 2005

       Alternately, a matress built from crude utility fog prototypes could drive production and development of consumer nanotech, of the Drexlerian style. Basically taking this concept and reducing each 'pixel' to a square millimeter.
Chrontius, Mar 03 2005

       Silly MagLev lounger linked.
hippo, Feb 14 2008

       Most of the work could be done using normal magnets, with small electromagnets used for adjustments. Or you could just raise or lower the magnets as needed, only using power for short periods.   

       With a thin flexible mattress and no controls it would be like a waterbed.
marklar, Feb 14 2008


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