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Air Freshener/Defreshener

long-term prank... hehehe
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Contains 2 vials of scented oil. The first is your typical fragrant. The second, smaller vial is really a stink bomb. Every few minutes, it releases a puff of fragrance. Randomly (could be once a day, once every few hours... it's unpredictable), it releases a puff of stink.

Available in lookalike replicas of all leading freshener make/models, for stealthy insertion in the victims' homes.

21 Quest, Nov 23 2010

Air Rankifiers http://www.halfbake...kifier_20Cartridges
Similar to the last paragraph, but a little less subtle. [DrWorm, Nov 23 2010]


       The ordinary "perfume" in air fresheners is bad enough...
prufrax, Nov 24 2010


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