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Air defresheners

Recreate the smell of the city, in the countryside!
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When I've spent a long time away from the city, in the countryside say, I begin to miss the familiar smells of city life. What I propose is a device, similar to an air freshener, that emits smells familiar to the city dweller.

Example odours :-

Dog dirt

Car exhaust fumes

Acid rain



Phone Box

Multi-storey car park

ccaamgw, Jul 19 2000


       I can let you have a couple of old tee-shirts - cheap!
Scott_D, Aug 11 2000

Gizmofirst, Oct 11 2000

       Hah! Add to these:
- Rotting garbage
- The smell of thousands of stinkey feet
- That icky industrial harbor odor
- The stench of the blend of thousand restaurant's exhaust hoods.
bristolz, Oct 17 2002

       diner greasetrap, that'd be a good one.
illustratedgeek, Mar 18 2006


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