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Air blade after shower drier

Basically just a scaled up version of the Dyson Airblade
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I like showers but find the whole drying process a bit tedious as I want to get onto the next thing in my day. Not having [Custardguts]'s harem of servant wenches I am forced to rely upon technology.

The Dyson hand-dryer [link] works well - but I require a scaled up version incorporated into the shower door. I turn off the water and step slowly out of the shower (perhaps turning sideways) to have the ginormous airblade scrape and blow the excess water off my body. I will accept any [m-f-d]'s proffered for only being a scaled up version of existing technology but do think it is a better use than the existing hands-only service.

AusCan531, Dec 03 2012

Dyson Airblade http://www.dysonairblade.com.au/
For hands only. [AusCan531, Dec 03 2012]

Baked https://i.redditupl...e0d8128be407bc60afb
(and dried) [AusCan531, Jan 19 2017]


       If it was powerful enough, it could remove all your body hair at the same time.
xenzag, Dec 03 2012

       Couldn't a suitably powered airblade also remove the micrometer of dead skin and whatever, and forgo the shower?
rcarty, Dec 03 2012

       The thought had crossed my mind. [+] since I didn't get my half-patent in the oven first.
TomP, Dec 03 2012


       // Not having[Custardguts]'s harem of servant wenches //   

       [Custardguts] doesn't have a harem either, it's just wishful thinking.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2012

       The jet of air from an airblade is pretty strong, perhaps strong enough to be quite painful in certain areas of the body...
hippo, Dec 03 2012

       OK, we need a volunteer to test various body parts in an airblade. I volunteer [8th], assuming that the Borg have the relevant body parts.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2012

       Baked. Go watch the jetsons
vfrackis, Dec 03 2012

       in fact they have these at many swimming pools near me. albeit assisted by electric heaters. I believe they cost approximately £2.
PainOCommonSense, Dec 03 2012

       //it's just wishful thinking//   

       I'd rather prefer to think that I'm between harems.
Custardguts, Dec 04 2012

       ^That implies that there has been at least one harem preceding....
AusCan531, Dec 04 2012

pashute, Dec 04 2012


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