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Dr Dryers

ear drying apparatus by Dr Dre
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After a swim or at any time when you ears are filled with water, just pop on your Dr Dryers, select the appropriate setting on the simple control panel, then relax as warm air gently dries out your ears and associated inner channels.

Dr Dryers look like headphones, but of course have the necessary built-in heating elements and quiet fan motors to deliver a continuous stream of appropriately warmed air to your inner and outer ear parts.

xenzag, Dec 29 2013

Dr Dre Beats http://www.league-d...hones-Red-White.jpg
now Dr Dre heats with Dr Dryers [xenzag, Dec 29 2013]


       Heated earmuffs?
swimswim, Dec 29 2013

       No thanks, [swim], I just picked up these cool ear dryers from [xenzag].
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 29 2013

       //Heated earmuffs?// Nope! Heated earmuffs don't have built in blowers.
xenzag, Dec 29 2013

       I missed the fan part. Here's a bun for the toasty tragus.
swimswim, Dec 29 2013

       Ha - thanks.
xenzag, Dec 29 2013


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