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Vertical positionable hand-dryer

Ever tried to dry your trouser crotch on a hand-drier?
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(See urinal fairing)

A hand-dryer is mounted on a vertical rail. It should dry anything from floor level to 7' off the ground.

In addition to drying hands it dries wet shoes, splash-back, sink splash, hair and face drying (hopefully not linked to cause 1 & 2), wine splashes... everything.

FloridaManatee, Jan 20 2003

(?) Rutgers University on hygiene (Adobe Acrobat) http://www.rce.rutg...pubs/pdfs/fs991.pdf
"Hot air hand dryers can actually increase the amount of bacteria on your hands after handwashing (5,6,23). Bacteria can grow inside of hand dryers because they provide a warm moist environment. When the dryer is turned on, the air that comes out can be filled with bacteria (5,6,17,23). Paper towels are a better way to dry your hands because they can physically remove bacteria while not adding additional bacteria to the hands." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Indeed. +
my face your, Jan 20 2003

       I hate it when the washroom taps are apparently connected to a 10 Bar supply, and a light tap on the button is sufficient to produce a fountain spray of water worthy of the Horseshoe Falls, which invariably strikes on in the trouser regions. So, (+).
8th of 7, Jan 20 2003

       Aha! What's needed here is a 'Sink Fairing'...
DrBob, Jan 20 2003


       One consideration is cost. Why would the proprietor of a business want to spend the extra money? Vandal resistance might be a bit more difficult to achieve as well. Mo' money.   

       I can certainly see this being viable in a more deluxe restroom but, not in the local fast food joint.
half, Jan 20 2003

       I agree it's not for every washroom. In some very high- or low-end places, I'd not even install a drier at all!   

       There's a lot of room for innovation in washroom design. My ideal mid-range restaurant/bar washroom would have:   

       (1) Shared M/F bank of toilet stalls to cut endless queing   

       (2) Less harsh lighting in the toilet stalls   

       (3) Stalls large enough to accomodate a kid and a botty-wiping adult   

       (4) Stalls with a shelf to put clutch bags on   

       (5) A grill or similar in the gaps above and below stalls to prevent people lifting your stuff   

       (6) Fewer, but partitioned urinals. Most guys avoid peeing next to each other unless they urgently need to go   

       (7) Floor to chest height urinals for people of all heights and aiming ability   

       (8) Raised urinals floor plates build as a grill with flowing water underneath (see aiming ability)   

       (9) Chilled urinal flush water (prevents smell)   

       (10) Segregated M/F handwashing areas for privacy   

       (11) Sink-tops that drain quickly and completely   

       (12) A rim around the sink to stop items falling in   

       (13) A freestanding sink bowl with an extra large plug hole and a faucet on a flexible extension next to a chair in an area that is secluded, but not behind a closed/lockable door, because let's face it, people are gonna binge once in awhile   

       (14) One, or more vertically positionable hand driers, preferable located somewhere you can subtly dry embarrasing splashes without being ridiculed   

       (15) Mirror mounted above a dry ledge/shelf, away from the sink   

       (16) Good, even lighting at the mirror   

       (17) A nappy changing area with close access to hands rinse, and a sealed trash can   

       (18) Monitors, a spyhole, or anything that lets you see if that creepy person has quit waiting for you outside the toilet   

       (19) An attendent's call button in case he/she hasn't gone or someone's passed out at the foot of the freestanding sink   

       Sadly, although some of these ideas ar way better than a vertically positionable drier, they're not 1/2 material.
FloridaManatee, Jan 20 2003

       Most air blowers have pointable nozzles that do a pretty good job of directing the air where you want it. Well, maybe not your shoes.   

       If you really did make it go up to 7', you know that's where all the teenagers would leave it, and then you'd be complaining again.
DrCurry, Jan 20 2003

       Would this deluxe washroom be wheelchair friendly?
oneoffdave, Jan 21 2003

       Studies since at least 1989 have shown that hot air dryers are actually not the hygienic solution their manufacturers claim to be. The hot environment of the dryer actually provides a breeding ground for bacteria. (See link).   

       Now you've allowed us to blow that bacteria all over our clothes, shoes, and everywhere. Gee, thanks.
krelnik, Jan 21 2003

       Okay, but what sort of bacteria? I mean, human skin is a pretty good environment for bacteria, but we have an ecological balance with those guys, everyone's covered in them, and it's thus okay to touch each other. Do the kinds of bacteria that dominate inside hand dryers really compare to the ones that infest shared bathroom towelling? Can they even compete with the natives outside of the dryer?   

       This sort of thing reminds me of those adverts showing glowing neon patches of eeevil germs on kitchen surfaces, to which my initial horrfied gut reaction is "Yes, and... ?"
Mharr, Jan 21 2003

       Where do you think these terrible bacteria in the toweling come from?
krelnik, Jan 21 2003

       Other people who have colds and scratch their asses and stuff.
waugsqueke, Jan 21 2003

       Well those same people have to touch the dryer, don't they?
krelnik, Jan 21 2003

       // Well those same people have to touch the dryer, don't they? //   

       Most models now use IR detection to start up, so no touching is necessary. I doubt the cold viruses and scratchy-ass germs are living and partying in the heat of the air dryer, to be blasted out when it comes on.
waugsqueke, Jan 21 2003


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