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All Body Drier

It's like a hair drier for your body
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A mesh in the bathroom floor that blows warm air as you stand on it, making drying quicker and much more pleasant.
simonj, Jul 27 2003

Industrious Blower http://www.bangitou...images/lewinsky.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004]

there are several of these ideas already here (saves phoenix's legs) http://www.halfbake...idea/Shower_20Dryer
[po, Oct 05 2004]


       *aw* I'm just too tired...
phoenix, Jul 27 2003

       "industrial blower"   

       so many choices... too little time...
DeathNinja, Jul 28 2003

       Thank you [po]. It was late and my fingers just didn't have it in them.
phoenix, Jul 28 2003

       Wouldn't the blower have to be very strong to get the job done in a short time? I'm concerned about bits flapping around in the breeze. Could be painful.
RusNash, Jul 28 2003

       Make sure you don't install one of these along with a urinal floor.
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2003


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