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Air curtain hat and collar

Blow away your cares
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This normal-looking garment incorporates a hat with a brim, and a stand collar which is set a little wider from the neck/face than normal.

Both the brim of the hat and the rim of the collar have many small nozzles or orifices in them.

A backpack mounted gas turbine powers a very high powered air pump which constantly recirculates and filters a stream of air, blasting the air upwards at supersonic velocities from the nozzles in the collar, and sucking the air in at the same rate through the orifices in the hat.

The design of the nozzles and orifices enables a smooth laminar air flow to reduce noise and turbulence.

Now you can walk through crowded shops, visit your granny in her retirement home and attend important business meetings without fear of catching contagious and dreaded lurgies.

pocmloc, Jun 30 2020

soft, billowing hair headband soft_2c_20billowing_20hair_20headband
remember this? [Loris, Jul 03 2020]

Hat_20of_20Mist [xenzag, Jul 03 2020]


       // supersonic velocities //   

whatrock, Jun 30 2020

       Just keep your goggles on. Can’t imagine what it would do to your eyes.   

       Is this Dyson’s next market?
RayfordSteele, Jul 01 2020

       see link for Hat of Mist idea (hat with nozzles and backback)
xenzag, Jul 03 2020


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