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Auto Swamp Coolers

Swamp Cooler Car A/C
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A car has a metal plate with a lot of little holes in it and gets water put under a little pressure under it so it squirts up slowly. This metal plate has lots of fins inside the car, which have air blown through them by a little fan.

If the user wants non-recirculating air but wants it filtered, they can select the humidity they want by having the car mix a certain amount of air from behind the metal plate and from a different area collected by a scoop, run through a filter, and blown through the fins.

bdh, Jul 22 2005

Here's an interesting take on car evaporative coolers http://www.metaeffi...olt-model-im30.html
[half, Jul 24 2005]

Here's the kinda thing Norm was referring to http://cgi.ebay.com...8085&category=34197
Pretty, ain't it? I occasionally see antique cars equipped with these here in the desert southwest. [half, Jul 24 2005]


       Will it work on a swamp buggy?
joeforker, Jul 22 2005

       Um, if it was a desert swamp. :-P
bdh, Jul 24 2005

       Baked, actually, though maybe a bit more primitive than you describe. In the sixties my parents bought a '39 Buick, and it had a modular swamp cooler you could hang in the window.
normzone, Jul 24 2005

       Yep, a big cylinder hanging on the window. I've also seen more traditional, fan-driven evaporative coolers built for automobiles.   

       I don't quite understand the proposed design. Effective evaporative cooling requires a very large surface area and, generally, fairly large volumes of air.   

       I've never seen a system that employs a heat exchanger as described. The temperature drop just isn't enough to make it act like a traditional A/C system (35 degree drop in very dry air is the best I've ever achieved).   

       There are evaporative cooler systems (I think MasterCool makes/made one) that employs a heat exchanger in a different manner. As the non-evaporated portion of the water returns to the reservoir, it has been cooled by the evaporation of other water, just as the air has. The cool water in the reservoir is circulated through a heat exchanger which precools the incoming air prior to the direct evaporative cooling process. As I heard it from someone who researched it heavily, even that system could not exceed the 35 degree temperature drop.
half, Jul 24 2005


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