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Airing-Out Day

A spontaneous celebration of winter's end
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I'd like to propose a new holiday -- designed for areas like mine (and maybe yours) where a long winter can wear on the spirit.

It's called "AIRING-OUT DAY," and here's how it works.

The first day in the springtime (or near the end of winter) where temps are reliably predicted to stay above, say, 65 degrees F or so (depending on your local temperament, no pun intended) with sunny skies would THAT MORNING be declared "AIRING-OUT DAY" by local officials (kinda like, but kinda the opposite of, snow days). It's important that date not be selected in advance -- although it's perfectly fine to guess when it *might* happen, and plan accordingly. (Nonprofits could even stage contests for guessing the day correctly!)

It's a day for everyone to raise the storm windows, throw open their doors, and generally open up their houses to new, fresh, springtime air. The news of the declaration would be spread by word of mouth, and by children (schools of course, would be closed!) running along the sidewalks playing drums and ringing bells, calling out something like "IT'S SPRING, WITHOUT A DOUBT! IT'S TIME TO AIR IT OUT!" or singing the day's theme song, George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun."

Spontaneous parades and celebratory gatherings, like street fairs and block parties, would be encouraged. Neighbors, who may not have seen each other since hunkering down the previous fall, would visit each other on porches and stoops. Non-essential workers would be allowed to take all or part of the day off. Stores could have sudden "Airing-Out Day" sales on things like plants, fans, potpourris, gardening tools, cleaning equipment, and outdoor furniture (though the unnecessary use of cars would be seen as tacky). Walking would also be encouraged, and the day would be perfect for calling up friends and saying, "Hey, it's Airing-Out Day, let's go for a walk!" Salads would be the preferred celebratory meal (though some will no doubt take the day as a perfect excuse for firing up the grill).

Outdoor concerts near dusk - small gatherings and singalongs on porches, and/or larger gatherings in parks - would wrap up the day.

smendler, Mar 20 2009

The Maypole http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maypole
Bright and airy [blissmiss, Mar 21 2009]


       Well, yes [+]. Probably more cheering than Christmas, which happens at the time of year when most people are in no mood to celebrate (not to mention all the shops being busy).
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2009

       Though fixed in time and not moveable as you suggest May Day used to be a really neat celebration. (I once had an idea here to bring back May Day so I understand your vive.)   

       The May Pole was an impressive way to get gorgeous young women to run around in the wind with skirts and frocks on. Hard to find these days. Unless you pay handsomely.
blissmiss, Mar 20 2009

       No May Day was different than Labor day which is in the fall here. Not spring.   

       May Day was May Day. I'll Google you a May Pole May be ;-)
blissmiss, Mar 21 2009

       Anti-snowday. (+)   

       Would public nudity be the order of the day?
Spacecoyote, Mar 22 2009


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