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Hurricane Evacuation Festival
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A non-profit Festival to give all the people evacuating an area expected to be hit by a hurricane something better and cheaper to do.

Suitible acreage is bought inland at various sites along with mobile units that can be trucked to the coming Hurricablooza.

When evacuees reach the Festival they can rent tents, buy cheaper food & beverages, and watch in media centers for what is happening back home.

To lighten up the mood, any bands with gigs that are "rained out" or would otherwise like to pick up a gig are contracted to play.

T-Shirts and various other items could be sold to help raise money for relief efforts.

Zimmy, Nov 22 2004


       I forgot to mention that this would be mostly a BLUES festival. (HurricaBLUESA).
Zimmy, Nov 24 2004

       Or an ESP fair for psiclone evacuees.   


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