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Samba Claudes

dancing Christmas butlers
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Your Samba Claude arrives bearing gifts dressed in the usual Christmas garb, but instead of merely leaving them under the tree, he does a latin dance around the room as he tidies up and sets the table perfectly for the traditional dinner feast.

(aside - is there no end to this?)

xenzag, Dec 16 2018


       // is there no end to this? //   

       Of course there is. In a few billion of your Earth years, your primary will consume its supply of Deuterium fuel, and swell into a red giant star, consuming and destroying the inner planets of the system as it does so.   

       In many more billions of years, the whole Universe will undergo entropic "heat-death" and all activity will cease.   

       But until then, no.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2018


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