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A day to unwind.
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Tax Day should be declared a national holiday. You can run to the post office at 5 minutes to 12, then go back home and have the rest of the day off.
sail, Apr 18 2007


       Reminder: most post offices are shut on public holidays...
DrCurry, Apr 18 2007

       Why are you running to the post office?
Texticle, Apr 18 2007

       But it lacks the drama of handing your paperwork to a postal employee outside the main postoffice at 5 minutes to midnight on the last day ( or at least I thought so at one time ... ) In any case I am absolutely in favor of adding more holidays to the pitifully short list that I get off.
batou, Apr 19 2007

       Nice one [DrCurry]
theleopard, Apr 19 2007

       Being eyebrows deep in other people’s taxes right now, I would request that the official holiday be the day After tax day because that's when I'm taking one regardless.   


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