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Alarm clock that beats the living tar out of you

I said wake up, maggot!
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An alarm clock made with animé technology. If you're not up and about within five minutes of the alarm clock going off, it turns into a giant robot and starts thrashing you until you're out of bed.

Would make changes to your sleeping schedule VERY easy.

Almafeta, May 30 2003

Living Tar http://www.drod.net/tar.php
Everything you needed to know about this mysterious substance ... [Aristotle, Oct 17 2004]

(?) Flying Violent Mama Alarm Clock http://www14.big.or...rchives/000073.html
Only in Japan. [trogdor, Oct 17 2004]


       This is for you or a friend?
DrCurry, May 30 2003

       What would you do with the resulting living tar?
Aristotle, May 30 2003

       could you paint with living tar? after all its been done with elephant crap.
po, May 30 2003

       Tar Babies??   

       I think people might have to question the fact that you are black and blue everyday
envy, May 30 2003

       This wouldn't work on me; I'm a heavy sleeper.
phundug, May 30 2003

       Can the still-dead tar remain sleeping?

Also, does it come with a 'living-tar-beater-defense-bat'?

I'm thinking I could beat the crap outta' anything mechanical if given the right tools. + ;)
X2Entendre, May 30 2003

       Should I have said 'holy howling tar'? ^^;
Almafeta, May 31 2003

       I have a neighbour (in the flat above), who kindly wakes me every morning by stomping round in hobnail boots.
git, May 31 2003

       do you have to pay for this service?
po, May 31 2003

       It's an alarm clock. You'd buy it from your local grocery store. No need to continually pay your alarm clock.
Almafeta, May 31 2003

       I was talking to the little git.
po, May 31 2003

       You can buy vibrating beds that don't need a steady diet of quarters at grocery stores?
thumbwax, May 31 2003

       a dog jumping on and off all night is cheaper.
po, May 31 2003

       Sort of - had a 150 lb. Rottweiler & a 3-4 pound Chihuahua at my place for 3 days last week. Took 1 wash at $1.25 & 3 trips through the dryer @ .75 to clean the area rug.
thumbwax, May 31 2003

       (po)- I'm thinking of making HIM pay for it one day...
git, May 31 2003

       How can modern Nipponese animation techniques aid in the construction of such a violent timepiece?
my face your, May 31 2003

       Croissant for the title alone! As for what to do with the living tar, drop it in any pothole you pass on the way to work. If everyone had one of these, most potholes would be repaired practically immediately.
figmeant, May 27 2007


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