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5 stages of alarm
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Lately, I'v been waking up about 5 mins before work, and thats no good really, cause that means i get there like an hour late. So what I need is an alarm clock thats so unconventional that it does the job of actually waking me up on time, and stops me from going back to sleep. there would be no snooze feature on this one, none...zero.

Another issue with the conventional alarm clock is that one becomes accustomed to the tone, and are therefor able to just sleep through the siren. well, what this calls for is an inconsistent alarm that takes you by surprise, scares you and generally just gets you out of bed.

I envision, an illuminated, multi audial virbrating alarmclock/pillow hybrid. The pillow would have 5 states of alert, and glow correspindingly to the color of alert.

Green - Acscending audible alarm siren Blue - Different audible alarm tone, and light vibration Yellow - Different alarm tone (loud), heavy Vibration Orange - Hecticly loud alarm tone (maybe barnyard sounds, and a drum-solo nightmare), and extremely disturbing pneumatic-drill like vibration Red - Everything at full capacity, all sounds, playing arbitrarily (perhaps also accompanied disturbing high pitched shreiks of horror and car-crash sounds), and electric-shocklike vibrations.

Now, you could be a good, and wake up immediately as soon as you sense the green glow, accompained by a soft audible siren....or you can dare to snooze and be hugely disturbed and traumatised by the sounds, colors, and vibrations.

This would ofcourse piss off the user and thety will andoubteby attemps to break it at some point, but they know fine-well thats its sole purpose is to wake them up for their benefit....and also it would be made of durable materials to avoid that hybrid - bashing lot

shinobi, Sep 18 2005

BPM Deactivation alarm clock BPM_20deactivation_20alarm-clock
what if the deactivation unit were the same as this? [shinobi, Sep 18 2005]


       or you could just turn it off and continue sleeping.   

       For me, no matter how many stages to an alarm clock- if I dont want to wake up, I won't wake up. If i need to wake up (never want to wake up) I end up waking up on time.   

       Perhaps it all boils down to self-discipline
chocolateraindrops, Sep 18 2005

       Ahh but what if the deactivation method for this is the same as my other idea (BPM Deactivation alarm clock - linked). Then turning it off wouldn't be so simple.
shinobi, Sep 18 2005

       The case should be made out of Kevlar.   

       I generally use 2/3 alarm clocks. One next to me goes beep horribly at the time I _ought_ to get up. The other is a alarm-clock radio, and is on the other side of the room - The radio starts gently to rouse me 10-15 mins before the horrible one by my side... 30 mins later the alarm-clock radio emits an ear-piercing screech which is guaranteed to startle me out of slumber, and over to it to turn it off- works every time.
Dub, Sep 18 2005

       Try a really large glass of water before bed.   

       ...or put the alarm clock down the hall and turn it up to 11.
not_only_but_also, Sep 20 2005

       Damn it, I just thought of this idea and wanted to write it down - then searched for this idea under "pillow" and found this. Arrrgh.
Mr Plow, Oct 01 2005

       They have a whole mattress that physically rolls you oot of bed now... That would be kinda hard to sleep through, or turn off...
nahte123, Oct 02 2005


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