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BPM deactivation alarm-clock

Because you can always just switch off the alarm and go right back to sleep.
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This earpiercing alarm can could only be deactivated by holding the attached sensor-plate to your wrist or jugular, to monitor your heart-rate. If its at the accepted (awake) pace, then it deactivates the alarm, otherwise if your BPM reflects that of soemone at rest, it carries on sounding till you've convinced it otherwise....(jog on the spot, jumping jacks, push ups, etc....whatever gets your heart rate up really)

It comes pre-programmed, and can also be programmed personally to suit your individual heart rate pattern so as to eliminate those slow-pace abnormally low BPM people getting back to sleep.

Also...a little excercise in the morning, however much, marginally raises your daily metabolic rate, therefore this concept can slighly aide those wishing to shed a few.

shinobi, Sep 18 2005




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