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Album Art Car Stereo

Seriously, why does this not exist?
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An increasing number of car stereos come with full color LCD screens now-a-days. And I don't mean the navigation kind which slide out, flip up, make coffee, and whatever. I mean regular ol' "single DIN" non -fancy CD players; they have LCD screens on 'em!

And they have iPod controls. It seems 1 in 4 car stereos will control an iPod. Some of them even let you use the buttons on your steering wheel. Commands go to the iPod and ID3 tag info comes out. It's a wonderful thing.

But, like so many things, this technology is not being used to its full potential. The album art imbedded in so many iPods should be sent to the car stereo's face where it can be displayed in glorious color right alongside the artist and/or album's name. It'd be so simple.

C'mon, Pioneer.. Alpine.. Quite frankly, all of you.. get on this!

pigonthewing, Feb 10 2006


       Look at the road! At the road! Sheesh, what is it with you, d'you think you're in a movie or something?
moomintroll, Feb 10 2006

       Maybe it could project the album art onto the road with high-intensity lasers. Maybe the lyrics, too, karaoke style.
phundug, Feb 10 2006

       Or, in the absence of high-intensity lasers (sorry to spoil your fun), a windshield HUD could accomplish it. Color matching might be tricky to get perfect, but the fine people designing these things could handle it, methinks.
roleohibachi, Feb 11 2006

       There was this cartoon: Two guys are returning a dildo to the sex shop. "Yeah", they said, "it's a fine dildo but it doesn't have a mp3 player."
zeno, Feb 12 2006


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