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All-seeing monocle of fashion

A back door to letting augmented vision become socially acceptable
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It's possible with today's technology to use a camera and display to provide superhuman sight. Telescopic vision, night vision, radio waves... All it takes is detectors in the proper wavelength and a big ugly blocky camera-on-the- head setup. That last one is the big problem: No one would be caught in public wearing such a thing.

The meme of a sophisticated man holding up a monocle to see better still survives. Taking advantage of this the solution is simple. Design the eye-piece in the shape and color of a monocle on a chain and the camera-computer unit as a leather hip bag. Convince the rich that monocles are back in style and put up ladies versions on the runways and in a year you'll see them everywhere.

The stadium-to-opera-house version has the camera in a device shaped like a telescope and is otherwise the same.

Voice, Feb 03 2014

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       It's basically like glass, except actually useful and even more creepy
erenjay, Feb 03 2014

       "Sauron" would be a good brand name for this product
hippo, Feb 03 2014

       Google Sauron... hmmm catchy.   

       I might instead suggest a palantir.
RayfordSteele, Feb 03 2014

Or you could call it the PsiClops. You'll see so much your friends will think you're psychic.


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