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All Terrain Golf/Baselessball

Golf played in mountainous/jungle terrain, as a race.
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Golf is a combination of bad clothes, worse shoes and unspeakable hats combined with unchallenging terrain.

All Terrain Golf is a real race across tough jungle and mountaineous terrain.

The race, for it is timed, will still be a series of short stages to represent the holes. Instead of greens and the hole we have a small target that has to be hit. The holes will be far longer, not visible from the tee and so an orienteering skill is required to reach each hole.

Balls will contain tracking devices to allow them to be found in dense foliage, for the aim is to set the course using the ball. Unlike normal golf, the ball and 'club' will be as per baseball. The player will heft the ball into the air then thwack it. The rough terrain will make a mockery of golf balls, tees and the standard swing malarkey.

Should a swing not be possible, then the ball can be thrown in the direction of the previous swing-point as hard or as soft was the player decides. Again, the focus is on the route taken and time used (so the futher back and out of trouble the longer the time taken).

Should the ball not be trackable or retrieveable, e.g. in water, a competitor's time for the hole is added, plus the player must continue asap to the hole as the clock is still ticking.

The players will have to be good runners, extreme trail walkers and even swimmers and climbers on occasion. As tiredness sets in, hitting accuracy and distance is impaired.

Hard hats will be worn in case of body-line 'friendly fire'.

For pro games, players will have a cam in the hat and be centrally tracked via GPS and be in voice link to the ref, who will adjudicate.

timbeau, Jun 02 2004

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       This is great, definitely a [+], but can I use a tennis racquet instead of a baseball bat please?
imaginality, May 08 2006

       //combined with unchallenging terrain.//
Not if you've been playing in OUR group ...
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006


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